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The Gordon Setter Club of America recognizes a number of area committees and independent local clubs in the United States, and several clubs outside the United States. This page lists each club or group and the geographical region it generally represents. For clubs that have websites, you’ll be linked directly to their homepage. For clubs that do not have a website, you’ll find contact information so you can contact them directly. Take a minute to read “A club by any other name: An overview of AKC, GSCA and Local Gordon Setter Clubs” to understand the structure of Gordon Setter clubs.

NOTE: Membership to the following area committees and independent Gordon Setter clubs is separate from that of GSCA. You WILL NOT be a member of GSCA by joining these local committees/clubs. To become a member of GSCA please check out our Membership site. We strongly encourage all Gordon Setter enthusiasts to become members of both the National Club (GSCA), as well as their regional Gordon Setter club.

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(AC) = Gordon Setter Club of American Area Committee

Brandywine GSC (AC) Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware
Paumanauk GSC (independent club) New York (Long Island)
TarTan GSC (independent club) New England

GSC of Central Florida (AC) Florida
GSC of Greater Atlanta (AC) Atlanta, Georgia, metropolitan area

Badgerland GSC (AC) Wisconsin and Michigan's upper peninsula
Gordon Highlanders (AC) Illinois, southern Wisconsin, northwestern Indiana, Iowa
Miami Valley GSC (AC) Ohio, Indiana
Missouri Valley GSC (AC) Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska
Nodrog GSC of Michigan, Inc. (independent club) Michigan
North Country GSC of Minnesota, Inc. (independent club) Minnesota

New Mexico Gordonites (AC) New Mexico
Southern California GSC (AC) southern California & Nevada
(no contact info)
Sunbelt GSC (AC) Texas

Golden Gate GSC
(independent club)
northern California
High Plains GSC (AC) Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Kansas
Pacific Northwest GSC
(independent club)

GSC of Hawaii (independent club) Hawaii

The Gordon Setter Club of Victoria, Inc. Australia
Gordon Setter Club of Canada Canada
The British Gordon Setter Club Great Britain
The Swedish GSC Sweden


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