Open Letter to the membership from technical service chairman.

During the national only a few of you were able to hear the report from Technical Services.  I am sending / posting this to you because it is important that the membership know what is available to it.  Technical Services serves the membership of the club.  We are here to provide the communication channels to allow you to know what is going on, and to communicate with the board.  I will be requesting support from the board, which is listed in the changes section.  I cannot provide information to you if you do not ask for it.  I need to know what you want in order to get permission from the board to provide it to you.  So I am writing this to solicit what you want. 

What we have:

  1. GSCA.ORG is the club’s website. It contains information from each of the committees, contact information, breeder referral, available dogs (litters), and all of the publications. 
  2. is the club’s facebook page. Limited information is available.
  3. is the club’s twitter account. There have been no tweets in over a year.
  4. is the club’s Instagram account. There has been no activity in over a year.
  5. Mail Chimp is our email distributions service. [email protected] We are able to send out mass email blasts to the membership (Those who have included an email on their membership form.) to provide direct communication from the board or for announcements.
  6. com – The club has conference call number which can be used for recorded conference calls. Playbacks can be heard at  (712) 451-0559 (currently none are available.)
  7. ORG email addresses. All of the board membership have a provided email address. They believe these are inconvenient and do no use them.
  8. Cloudflare website caching / security to help protect the site from external attacks.
  9. Wordfence website protection and firewall.


  1. I am requesting that the board purchase a subscription to Wordfence professional so that I can protect our website better and reduce the number of hours spent protecting it from malicious actors.
  2. I would like to change the rules regarding posts on the Facebook page. The rules I am looking to have changed are:
    1. No posting by users. Only an admin can post to the wall. 
      1. It is my opinion that there are many discussions which are occurring on other pages which should be out in the open to the membership. Discussions about the club should be on the club’s page. 
      2. Specialties and Nationals should not be required to setup their own page that people have to find. They should be allowed to post directly to the club’s page.
  • Fundraising for the club should be available to reach the greatest number of users. Currently we have 1450 likes, and an average post reaches an average 2700 people.
  1. No pictures which include people. Especially anything that can be considered as a “brag”. This has been stretched in the past, and photo posts draw more activity and increase the clicks on our membership signup button.
  2. I would also like to allow for more updates from other groups similar to the notification earlier this week from the AKC k-9 health foundation.

Please let me know if you would like me to request these changes and any other changes you would like. 

John Szarek

Attention Membership

17-028 Julie A made the motion September 6 that we approve the National Standing Agility Committee’s request to redirect the funds earned during the 2017 All Breed Agility Fundraiser weekend to Disaster relief.  The amount will be rounded up to $2,000 (adding from NSAC existing funds).  The donation will be made to AKC’s ReUnite fund with $1,000 going to Disaster efforts (Harvey, Irma, or Western Wildfires) and $1,000 going toward the trailer project.

Second: Barbara G

All in favor: Rosanne S, Mary Ann L, Barbara G, Rhonda C, Sharon S, Kristi B, Peggy N, Robin M, Trudie W, Julie A, Sally G, Denise P, Jerry N, Nance S

Motion passes.



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